Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cinnamon and Honey a Harvest Treat

The necklace is done.  It is long and thus, difficult to photograph. 

Cinnamon and Honey Full view
Here is another full view on a white background.  You will notice that I opted not to use a clasp as the necklace is a bit over 30 inches long.
Cinnamon and Honey on White Bread
You have seen closeups of the focal, but not how I joined it to the chain.  I used wire wrapped loops through the large hole satin honey beads.  Here is a close up picture of the joinery:
Joinery on Cinnamon and Honey
And here is the joinery for the Cinnamon and Honey Empress Bead:
Empress Bead joinery
In looking for wire and other beaded goodness today I discovered that I had previously bezeled another of this same strand of stones.  I thought you might enjoy the side by side comparison.  The color I used on this bezel is a rootbeer iris finish.
Bezeled jasper comparison
Bezeled Jasper comparison side 2
Hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving.  In case you are interested, in my flickr photo stream are pictures of my apartment.  They can be found here: KJ's Flickr Photo Stream
along with pictures posted as part of this blog.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost There

Of course I didn't get as much done as expected. Nonetheless, the focal is done.
Cinnamon and Honey focal with embellishments

The branched fringe was a good fit for the stone and the embellishments but it was very time consuming. 

Here is a closeup of the embellishments:
Cinnamon and honey embellishment closeup
These small florals have a 4 row tubular peyote base and the points of the floral are layered. 

I still need to finish the final Empress Bead and put all the pieces together.  It is at that time I expect to discover I do not have the right clasp.  That is how these projects get away from me.  I have to admit, however, that I do like the results when I am done.

Stay tuned, next week I hope to have it finished.

Have a safe and happy holiday for those in the U.S.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Everything In Its Time

Two weeks since my last jewelry post.  I did admit in an award post that I love politics so I enjoyed the political season and am glad it is now over.

Here is what I have created for the Cinnamon and Honey necklace so far.

Cinnamon and honey - all the pieces so far
 I have to create another Empress bead, but that will work up fast.

When last I gave an update I mentioned embellishing the bezeled stone.  Here are the pieces for the embellishment.

Embellishments of cinnamon and honey
As you can see, I worked up quite a few embellishments all of which are fine on their own.
A handful of honey and cinnamon embellishments
The top embellishment has small round garnets at the center.  I really like this pattern, however, once placed on the stone the embellishment was just too large.
Failed embellishment
The original embellishment has a great shape but was just a bit over-sized; the next trial was with all seed beads using nearly the same pattern.

Close but...
As you can see from above, the embellishment is just a tad to big for the stone.

Never say never; the next embellishment worked.  This is a pattern with a tubular peyote base that I have used before.  As Goldilocks would say, it is just right.
Cinnamon and honey that is just right
Three of these embellishments have been sewn onto the bezeled stone.  Now I need to figure out the fringe.  Expect more progress next week.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have no pictures to share today and have made little progress.  I have been happily distracted by politics.  I do not expect much progress for the rest of the weekend. 

I urge you, if you are American, to VOTE.