Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Something Old, Something Vintage

Or another appropriate title might be using up that stash.
The mermaid necklace
You may be wondering why is it called the Mermaid Necklace because the picture above only shows a part of the mermaids tail.  I purchased some resin mermaid beads at On A String, now known as Beads, Inc., in Charlotte about 5 years ago.   That is the something old in the title.

A beautiful face

Another view


Inspiration finally struck as I knew it would.  I visited Ornamentea in Raleigh NC about a month ago which is where I found the vintage beads of the title. They reminded me of sea urchins.

Ornmentea is a friendly store with quite an interesting collection of tempting treats. These vintage beads actually had me pulling out my wallet. 

In addition to the something old and the something vintage, I added a beaded bead with a sterling bead cap. Is there ever a time that is inappropriate for a beaded bead?  Probably, but it went beautifully here.

If you have been following me for a while you know I have been learning wire weaving.  I added sterling woven wire links from a Nicole Hanna tutorial

My wire weaving is a work in progress, but I think I am ready to start on my own designs.  I have some additional resin mermaid beads, another orange, a larger one in white, and two turquoise mermaids.  I think they would make a very lovely wire wrapped focal. 

What got me started on the wire weaving quest was the need for clasps.  I was not satisfied with the swan "S" clasps which were quick and simple.  I have a nice stash of sterling toggles that I have picked up here and there, but...  well...  I can't actually say why I grew dissatisfied with them other than to say I wanted something that was all my own.

So, another Nicole Hanna tutorial because despite my efforts I was not quite ready to design my own.
Clasp from Nicole Hanna tutorial

I know I have mentioned Nicole Hanna many times in the past, but let me add a few finer points. 

(1) She is very helpful.
(2) Her tutorials are easy to follow.
(3) She has these really great videos on YouTube under the channel title of Go Art Yourself. 
(4) And, based on my own experience, if you have been doing bead weaving and wire wrapping for a while you will probably learn this new skill quickly. 

One final picture.
The mermaid necklace