Sunday, December 30, 2012

Simple Blue Heart Necklace

The Blue Heart Necklace is done.
Simple Blue Heart Necklace

I wear the cream colored version of this more than any other piece of jewelry I have made.   It is simple, light weight, is easy to wear, and goes with everything.

I did, however, make a few changes.  I added about 1 inch of chain between the focal and the beaded beads so the necklace would lay better.  The cream necklace lays nicely when worn, not so much when being photographed.  The redesign separates the focal and the puffy heart allowing the eye to appreciate both. 

Simple Heart Necklace

I did add the lopsided heart to the back.  It won't get much attention, but it will get love.

I also remade the focal heart to give the lobes more prominence. 

Two puffy hearts, I used the one on the left.
The focal is a lovely indigo disk with a floral motif that I picked up quite some time ago; yes that means more than two years ago.  I purchased an entire strand.  I have used this bead for a bracelet.  It has a nice iridescent shimmer to match the AB finish on the Delicas. 

Focal disk
Focal with blue puffy heart

Simple Blue Heart Necklace up close
 Finally, here is a picture of the original cream necklace and the blue version:
Cream and Blue Heart Necklaces

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season

I hope Santa is mighty fine to you this year.

Here are some pictures of what I have been seeing on my morning commute for the past month- it always made me smile.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I managed to get in some extra beading time this week but in that time I only made things that needed to be torn apart.

I did manage to finish the heart for my Blue Heart necklace.

Blue beaded puffy heart leaning against a shell
Here is another view with the beaded beads:
Puffy heart and beaded beads
 I am not sure if I am satisfied with the way the heart turned out.  The lobes are not pronounced enough.  I will look at it again after having been away for a day or two and perhaps it will be just right.

The heart is made in two pieces and zipped together.  I made the first half easy-peasy. Now that should have been a clue.  Then I proceeded to make 4 or 5 second halfs none of which quite matched. Now that was surely a second clue.  However, I liked the way the initial half looked.  I decided to zip the halves together only to find that the darn thing was lop-sided.  I think the initial half was bad and I kept trying to match a mistake. 

I moved on to a larger version, which only took one try per side.  As I said this might need to be redone.

I did save the out of kilter heart and will hang it from the clasp end.  Here is a picture of both hearts:
Out of kilter heart, large puffy heart and beaded beads

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Simple and Blue

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  It has, however, been raining the last three weekends and holiday tasks have kept me busy.

Here is a preview of what I am working on:

Indigo Beaded Beads
And another view:
Full side view Indigo Beaded Bead
And finally, you can just see the netted top and the underlying wooden bead in this shot:
Netted Top

I am doing something simple.  I know, I have said that before.  This time I am repeating a design I did in October of 2011.  Here it is in white:

Simple necklace in white