Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mistakes Were Made- Again!

You would think that once was enough, but I made the same mistake again.  I made both earrings face the same way.
Based on Bottled Bead tutorial by Nicole Hanna
It took me two weeks to finish the second earring; other things just kept getting in the way.  I was pretty near bending the last wire when it struck me that I had both earrings facing the same way.  The problem is that when I follow the tutorial for the second earring I do not stop to think that it should be facing in the opposite direction.  Have you ever done this?  Tutorials and wire weaving are certainly out of my comfort zone.

Earrings based on a tutorial by Nicole Hanna
Maybe I should make a second pair facing the opposite way and in that way obtain a two perfectly good sets of earrings? 

Despite all that these did turn out lovely.  I still swear by Nicole Hanna's tutorials.