Sunday, August 25, 2013

Philadelphia Bead Fest Loot

I swear I said I did not need any more beads and it was true.  Except, I really did need some tiny crystals, some bead caps, and more seed beads are almost always in order.  I had a good time.  What surprised me the most were all the tutorials and kits for sale.  All lovely.  I am just going to post pictures of the loot below, appropriately captioned.  If you want to know the name of a source let me know.

before I get to the rest, let me tell you my splurge were beads by Harold Williams Cooney.  I have had my eye on his American Trade Beads for years.  I found some for sale and they were all that I expected.
American Trade Beads by Harold Williams Cooney

Metal beads which are great for filler
Daggers - something good will come from these

Piggy Beads - will be featured soon in an upcoming major magazine and now found mostly in Europe

Super Duos - I really needed to try these

Delicas - these are almost all 10's and 15's and you can never have enough Delica beads

Sea Glass - these were inexpensive, and the colors were not quite captured by the camera.  These are hardworking beads.

Caps, Spacers, and Charms - When you need them you cannot find them, so I stocked up.

Bead Caps for Kumihimo
Kumihimo cords - A trend for my future?
Fish Charms - these are for another fish necklace in toned down colors

Pressed Glass Strands - what most people envision when they are given the word "bead"
Tiny Charlottes - These are tiny even by seed bead standards and irresistible.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Open Your Eyes and Find Art

I am not working on anything at the moment.  I am planning on going to Beadfest next Saturday. 

I thought you might like to see what I have discovered.  I walk down this block in Newark NJ every morning from my bus stop.
The walk to work, Newark NJ
It looks intimidating, what with the razor wire and the metal doors pulled over windows.  I never really thought twice about it.  This is a block from the Newark Museum and a block or two from parts of Rutgers. 

However, when I looked at the trees as I was passing by I discovered some hidden art.

Mask I
Mask II
I love these masks, made of metal, and appreciate them every day when I pass by. 

I bet, seeing the street, you were expecting graffiti- which I also love when done well. 

Finding art is always a joyful surprise.

What will you find this week?