Saturday, December 6, 2014

2nd Annual Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

First things first...

Bead Hoarders jasper necklace with hand made clasp and pearl and beaded bead strap
As you can see from the caption, the focal is Jasper.  I bought this at a bead show where I swore I did not need a thing and was not going to buy anything.  Yeah, that did not quite work as planned.

Glass copper colored edge beads
I love this jasper, it has wine, olive sometimes bordering on mustard, and cream colors. What is not to love?  It is a great size, approximately 40 mm x 30 mm. 

The two sides have different colored edging:

Copper Edging

The other side is edged in olive:

Glass olive colored edge beads

Due to poor planning on my part I did not capture enough photos during the daylight hours.  Unavailable is a clear view of the brass cut beads embellishing the edge of the focal.

What I did capture was a picture of the hand made clasp on the bust.
Hand made clasp, based on tutorial by Nicole Hanna

Bead hoarders special
If you have visited me before you will know that my first love is seed beads.  You will also know that I am just learning how to weave wire and my go-to source for tutorials is Nicole Hanna.  I really am just learning.  I have made a couple of pairs of earrings and done a little bit of design exploration.  It is easier than it appears.  I want to design my own clasps and this is a start.

One last picture before you make your way to the other participants of the necklace on a bust.  Again, poor planning, I took the photos in the late afternoon on a day off, and this was the best I had.

Finally, thank you to Lori Anderson for hosting this blog hop and providing the opportunity to share and the push to create.  Thank you for visiting.  The other participants are linked below.

Lori Anderson  (Hostess)

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