Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Links to Act on Now

The first link is to one of my favorites, Nicole Hanna.  Nicole has a link for a one year on-line jewelry retreat:  Giveaway Art Jewelry Adventure All Inclusive Online Retreat.  Even if you do not win the giveaway, this is a great deal at $99.00.

The second link is one to bookmark.  Milissa Ingram has compiled a list of Trademarked Czech Pressed Glass Beads. I know that you do not have enough beads and this will let you know where the holes in your inventory are.  Plus, I am just really fond of lists.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Look Ma, No Hands... err... Training Wheels

I almost titled this graduation, but I could not get graduated beads out of my mind.  This is my first wire weave without a tutorial.
Sea Dragon wireweave - my first creation

Nicole Hanna has been a great teacher.  I know I have mentioned that fact at least a dozen times; I am truly grateful.  All boo-boos are my own.  Despite the title, I did just purchase a few more tutorials from her.  She really is that good.

Last month I posted a mermaid necklace.  I picked up the resin sea dragon bead at the same time.  I am not sure I am going to keep this pendant.  Here is a picture of the part I snipped off that was not working.

You can see that the "copper" wire I bought at a local craft store labeled copper is merely copper plated.  *Shakes head, rolls eyes*  Honestly, copper is not that expensive.  It had to be more costly to create plated wire.  I have learned my lesson.  My future wire purchases will come from  Not only is the price right, but copper means copper.  Plus I can get 28 gauge copper wire.

Sea Dragon back

Want to see the back?  I always do.  I think it turned out well.  That is, the wires are all neatly tucked away.

One more picture.
Sea Dragon again