Sunday, October 9, 2011

Better Notes on Beaded Beads…

Okay, I should know better than to go from my scribbled notes.  I should have remade the darn beaded bead when I was getting ready to post my notes.  Corrections and clarifications are in red.

Here are the corrected notes:

The Beginning:  Thread 29 size 10 Delicas and tie a knot creating a circle of beads.  The tail should be equal on both sides, with needles on both sides. 

Size 10 Rows:  Peyote 8 total rows of size 10 Delicas; that is 4 rows on one side of that original circle (for future reference this is named the north side) and 3 rows on the other side (this named the south side.) 

Size 11 Rows:  Peyote 3 rows of size 11 Delicas on the north side and 3 rows of size 11 Delicas on the south side of the beaded bead. 

Size 15 Rows:  Peyote 1 row of size 15 Delicas on the north side and 1 row of size 15 Delicas on the south side.

Netting Rows:  On the north side exit from a size 15 Delica, add 5 size 15 Delicas, skip a size 15 Delica from the final peyote row, and enter the next size 15 Delica from the final peyote row.  Rinse and repeat.  Assuming my counting is correct you should have 7 scallops.  Repeat on the south side.

Note:  See my pictures below.  On the beaded bead I made today I had to use 5 beads on the south side scallop and 7 beads on the north side scallop. 

Final Row:  On the north side exit through the middle (3rd) bead of the size 15 netting row, add a bead, and enter the 3rd bead of the next size 15 netting row, rinse and repeat.  When the circle is complete pull your thread tight and weave back through your bead work to tie your knot.  Repeat on the south side. 

Below is a collage of the beaded bead I made today, a heart beaded bead that I will post more about tomorrow when my new bracelet is finished, and the pair of beaded beads showing the difference in the final netted row with 5 beads and 7 beads.


  1. Just found your blog this morning and what a nice surprise...beaded bead instructions I'll be checkin' it out and if it's ok with you add a link to the beading tutorials page of my blog as I'm always looking for good clear and preferably free instructions to share on that particular page...looking forward to checking out your info...have great day.

  2. Glad you found my site Bead Stylist. I am not much for creating tutorials- which is why I flubbed my own notes.

    Be sure to check out my second page with all my links.


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