Saturday, March 17, 2012

41 New Links

If you haven’t noticed the tab at the top of my blog it is to a second page which includes 162 jewelry related blog links + 14 other links of interest. It is far from a comprehensive list, nonetheless I like to think it is a resource. There is a special category for New Links, which includes the 41 Wonderful New Links in the title above.

Since I am a seed beader I am absolutely in love with Another Country Bead Works. I am also in love with Moryn’s clean lines.

The Bead Soup Blog Party has just finished.  Every time it rolls around I add another few blog links. One of my favorite finds from this past Bead Soup was Art With Moxie. I said in the comments that I loved her esthetic and I do. I went back many pages on her blog and Cory is creative and unique. Two other faves from Bead Soup is Tell Your Girlfriends and The Cerebral Dilettante. Both of these women have pages and pages of inventive and exciting jewelry.

If you want patterns visit Beads Magic.

If you have a fondness for exquisite and peerless bead woven pieces with plenty of sparkle a visit to Haute Ice Beadwork is required. Marsha Wiest-Hines is an Etsy discovery, she is a regular participant Etsy Beadweavers monthly challenges. Marsha’s art is the level we all aspire to. What’s more, she makes that possible by generously sharing her design process.

 I have finally added the link to Kreative Keller. She is the beader who created and sells the pattern for puffy hearts.

I am in awe of complex wirework. I would not only love to be able to make these pieces but also possess the imagination to design these pieces. The newest addition in this category is Nicole Hanna Jewelry. Even if you have no interest in wirework you should take a look at her post on Determining the Value of Art (or Pricing Product.) This is a comprehensive post that will help those of you struggling with a pricing strategy. Another addition in the wirework category is The Angsty Artist, who provided the link to Nicole Hanna. My very favorite by The Angsty Artist is a Violet Arm Band which was a custom piece. 

Because I weave beads those are the blogs that catch my attention. Don’t miss Patrick Duggan Jewellery Designs and Takıntı for some inspiration.

Just to add balance, that is a blog that is not bead weaving, be sure to visit Songbeads. Rebecca is just delightful.

I feel bad when I write these updates because I want to mention each and every blog by name and why I added it to my list, but alas, the post would just be too long. Suffice it to say that there is something special about each and every artist and their links in the list. Spend an afternoon visiting each new addition to the list to find artists you want to add to your list.

Despite not being able to mention each and every new link, I do want to mention a blog that is not new to the list but worth a visit: Torque Story. The reason I am mentioning the blog here is a feature named I Might Make That! Monday in which a tutorial is featured. What a great idea.


  1. Thank you so much KJ! I so appreciate being included amongst all these lovely blogs.

  2. Thanks for the kind mention! I love Cilla's jewelry too. One of my favorite wire jewelry artists is at . Her pieces are so exquisite and inventive, I can't help thinking when I look at them they must have been made by Tolkien's Elves. I too would be beyond proud to make such things, but I don't think I have the "engineering" skills and the patience.

  3. Rebecca and lunedreams you are both welcome.

  4. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! This was very kind of you to do. And I have to say I agree with your choice of Angsty Artist's work, because that arm band is GORGEOUS. But I love her rings too! You've given me lots to do today, looking through all these great blogs!

  5. Nicole, you are so welcome- I have truly enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it.

    Lori, thank you. I owe many of my links to your Bead Soup Blog Party, it is a wonderful event even for non-participants.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, KJ! I always appreciate your comments on my blog.

  7. Torque Story, you are so very welcome. I really enjoy your I Might Make That! Monday posts.

  8. I've just visited Patrick Duggan's blog and it is very refreshing to view jewelry pieces (especially bead woven pieces) that are designed by a man. Quite a unique and pleasant experience.

  9. Oh and thank you a million for the wonderful links . . . we are all enjoying them. :)

  10. I am glad you are enjoying the links Almost Precious. Patrick Duggan's work is very nice.

  11. Wow! What an undertaking! Thanks for sharing all of these links! Now to find the time to visit.... :)

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