Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Completed Rainy Day Projects

My rainy day projects are complete. Lucky for me it is still raining so I have a good excuse to sit down and bead some more.

I still need to work on my photos. This time I learned:
  • Every speck of dust shows
  • Every wrinkle shows
  • Beads must be properly positioned
  • Square pictures are hard when your pieces are long

I also think I need to buy a tripod so I don’t photograph my own shadow or blur my pictures because my hand is moving.

Here is the completed Baroque and Brass bracelet:
Baroque and Brass completed bracelet

Here is a piece named Basic Onyx. The large 30 mm x 20mm faceted onyx bead is bezeled in silver, matte black and red AB delicas- it is reversible.
Basic Onyx, Matte Black Side
Basic Onyx, closeup of red side
Close up of bead cap on Basic Onyx necklace


  1. You do beautiful jewelry. Loved it!

  2. Thank you Nostalgia (I love that name.) Thank you also for dropping by and commenting.


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