Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainy Days…

Are really great days to find an old Doris Day* movie, pull out the beads, and be creative.

Since February I have been working on Prom Project pieces and had to put aside two other works in progress. 

Here is my current work space: 

I bought the inset brass sliders about a year ago with no plan- I just thought they were lovely.  My local bead store has had strands of these really great antique cut brass beads- I bought those a few months ago with no plan.  The round stones are I don’t know how many years old.  Serendipity happens when you have a large bead stash and buy things because they are pretty in and of themselves.  A large bead stash doesn’t have all the treasure you need; I had to make a bead store run when I discovered I didn’t have a clasp.

Here is a close up of the piece itself:

* I really like old Doris Day movies.  When I bead I want something that doesn’t require my eyes, or much attention to follow the dialogue and old Doris Day movies fit the bill.

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