Thursday, May 19, 2011

Really Big Giveaway

I don't enter every contest because not every contest features items that I use; I understand that if I do not enter it will increase the chances of some other person winning.

I also don't blog about very many contests for pretty much the same reason.  Although, the trade-off is that I am also not pointing other people to places they might not find anyway.

Today, I am both entering and blogging.  Art Bead Scene has a really big giveaway.  There are already over 250 comments from people wanting to win- including 2 from me.  I am guessing that many of those comments are from people who have blogged about the giveaway, since I read about it from other blogs that I follow through my RSS feed before I ever saw the contest in my google reader.

This is quite a giveaway.  There are beautiful headpins from Havana Beads:

There are yummy wood tile pendants from More Skye Jewels:

I just love those colors.

There are charms from Hint Jewelry (in my RSS feed) and Marsha Neal Studios:

And there are a lot more...  enough to remind you of what it felt like to be a kid with a big pile of gifts just waiting to be opened.

So, drop on by this post at Art Bead Scene and drool over all the pretty beady goodness then enter to win.


  1. I've entered too, aren't those beads to die for?? Good luck to you and me!

  2. I agree, these beads are to die for.

    Thanks Mandy. Good luck to you too.


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