Sunday, August 21, 2011

More and More Links

Toady I posted T - V.  Thank goodness I am an avid blog reader because it has given me an opportunity to keep posting while I am busy with my life. 

Mandy at Beads for Brains has been posting about some of these blogs recently.  See, for instance, Try to Bead.  If you love bead weaving and need a complex pattern this is the place to start. 

I think Mandy may have missed Unicorniopasion.  What a great spot for inspiration.

I know Mandy has mentioned both Vezsuzsi Gyöngyei and Vyolina at Skyrock.  Both are great resources and both are non-English blogs.  Vylonia has posted many free patterns.  Vezsuzsi sells patterns and teaches and if you read through the archives you might find a free pattern or two.  I commented on Mandy's blog that the reason why I love her site is because of her bold color choices. 

Enjoy.  I will get back to scanning my books.


  1. Is BOLD a nice was of saying "interesting"??? LOL

  2. LOL I couldn't help myself. You had been mentioning some of my favorite blogs in your recent posts. Only goes to show we both have superb taste.


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