Saturday, September 3, 2011

That is All of My Blog Links...

There weren't that many more blogs to add to finish the alphabet.  Be sure to stop by Wickwire Jewelry- Nancy hasn't updated her blog for some time, but every piece she does causes me to think I should learn wirework.  (Her keys are to die for!)

World Artisan Gems is an irregular blog, but it is well worth putting into your RSS feed.  Every post features a new artist. 

That was the end of the alphabet.  Following that is a list of 13 blogs that I have added to my reader since I began publishing my list.  Pearl4U has been in my list for quite some time, but was listed as www.pearl4u so it was not listed with the other P's.  Riki Jewelry was added today when her partner in the Bead Soup Blog Party posted the beads she had sent; which in turn led to Melissa Manley Studios.  All of which is a prime example of how my list got to be so long in the first place.  I am looking forward to seeing more of these great artists.  Do not miss The Beading Yogini, who I discovered via Lorelei Eurto's shadow box challenge

In addition to the jewelry links I have two small additional lists: Non-Jewelry Inspiration and The Business of Jewelry.  The Non-Jewelry Inspiration is primarily, but not solely, for color inspiration.  The Business of Jewelry is a list of blogs offering business advice to artists.  Two of those blogs you should recognize from my jewelry links: Olive Bites Home of Uncorked + Polarity and Pretty Things.  Book mark these, add them to your RSS feed, do something so you do not miss either of these blogs if you are interested in selling your jewelry.  Blacksburg Belle has become a favorite for business advice.  Last, but not least, Luann Udell is one of my very favorite artists.  Her work is brilliant and her business advice has been spot on, and she is a pleasure to read.

My list will continue to grow and I will add a post when I add new blogs to the list.  I know some of these blogs are no longer active, but they are still worth browsing.  Let me know of any broken links. 


  1. You are the best! So much work, thank you!

  2. And you are really quick. Thanks Mandy.

  3. Some truly great blog links here. You've a good reading list.
    I'm glad to see one of my favorites listed; Pretty Things, her blog is fantastic and Lori's Bead Soup Parties are incredible.

  4. Your blog is listed too. I loved your interpretation of the foreign language instructions of projects Mandy completed.


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