Sunday, January 22, 2012

Test Results

I think I mentioned it that this blog is a way to keep me productive.  If it hadn’t been for last week’s blog post I would probably be under a quilt reading a book. 

The blog title last week showed the first of two 8mm beaded beads made of 15/0 beads.  They turned out well, no need to dwell on the blemishes only I can see. 

I had a plan: Add Lucite flowers, dangling beads, an embellishment or two and turn my test into a pair of earrings.  I tried two different constructions.

Which do you like best?


Of course I liked the one that was different than I had planned.  Here are a few more views of the pair:


  1. I'm with you on the version you chose -- the fringe was fun, but it didn't let the beaded beads be the stars of the show. They're so cute! You've inspired me to put beaded beads on the to-do list...

  2. Thanks Bobbie. Beaded beads are versatile but they are time consuming.

  3. I agree with Bobbie. The version you chose is best. Too much fringe can make or break a piece for me. These are really cute!

  4. Thank you Vanishing Pearl. The fringe in my vision was on wire, but I didn't want a loop at the bottom of the beaded bead and could not work out the engineering for a single loop at the top. Threaded fringe was the alternative, but it did not match my vision. I think I see an inspiration for a blog post about alternatives, adaptability, and lots of practice. Thanks.

  5. I love these little acorn like beads, but I too like the ones without the fringe best. The fringe distracted from your gorgeous bead work. Thanks for sharing!


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