Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thinking Ahead

Something different this week while I continue to work on my necklace. 

Thinking ahead is a reference to that day in the future when I have an inventory again and want to sell at fairs and festivals.  While shopping at Marshall's this week I saw what I think would be a great display for bracelets and earrings.  I snapped these pictures with my phone.
Moroccan Tower

Looking down on Moroccan tower
Closer view of tiers of Moroccan tower
Another close up of Moroccan tower, though this one seems a bit distorted.
All those little perforations would make great places to hang earrings.  I have earring cards and brass S hooks which would work perfectly with this.  Necklaces could be draped from the corners.  One tier could be used for bracelets. 

The tower is light weight and metal.  It does not turn.  One alternative would be to sit it on a lazy Susan.  Another alternative would be to only use the sides which are accessible.  The piece sits about three feet high.  It would look great with my very eclectic display and would help to differentiate me from other vendors.

The down side- it is large and it is currently priced at $129.00. 

What do you think?


  1. Hi:-)
    In my opinion,this is the fantastic thing as for the earrings display.I'd use it not only for the earrings.There are also some places for the necklace.
    This is the lantern.The eastern style-Indian,or Asian.Looks so beautiful.
    The Scandinavians make similar things,but mostly wooden and white,with the metal parts and more simple in looks.Also beautifulbut this one,with that perforation can be useful and pretty decoration for the jewellery exposition.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  2. I think this is very cool! I knew a beader who had frames with door screen in them that she used in a similar way to your temple, and it made for an intersting display. I think your lazy susan idea is a great one too!

    1. It would be easy enough to bypass the lazy susan because it is about 3 feet tall.

  3. Wow! Kathy, I love this tower and you ideas for using it as a display! Of course, I too always take the price into account (along with size and weight) but if it's perfect, it's probably worth it! It would make a very impressive centerpiece for your display.


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