Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project Organization

I will not be finished with the turquoise slab necklace with enough daylight left to take a picture.  The finished project will be featured next week- I promise myself.

In the meanwhile for those needing a way to organize projects check out the new bento boxes by Rubbermaid available at Target or at Amazon.  Amazon has them in red!

I had been walking by this box at Target for weeks and finally broke down and bought it.  It has the ingenious pull out dividers that can turn an open box into 4 separate storage areas, or 1 small square segregated from a larger storage space.  Here is a picture of the medium box filled with goodies for my current project:

The "Try Me" sleeve is on the flexible divider.  You can see the other sleeve pulled out to act as a divider with the bag of gold seed beads in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.

When I start a project I go through my stash and pull out everything that I might use and toss it into a project box.  You can see I have a few red seed beads, several versions of turquoise seed beads, more tools than I needed, gold beads (those were a new purchase not for this project) sterling beads, and whatever else struck my fancy.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Now, this box probably would not have caught my attention nearly so well had it not been for the tray which sits inside the box.  Below is a picture of the tray sitting askew atop the medium box.

The tray comes at an additional price.

The tray contains what I am actually using to work on my current project- Fireline, seed beads, triangular bead trays (with beeswax, a needle or two, and beaded beads which will be used in the future.)  There are a few tools which I used in making the wire wrapped component of the middle strand.  Buried under the scissors is a coil of German silver, which I also used for the wire wrapped middle strand. A bag of turquoise rounds, coral rounds, and the coral squares I used.  More seed beads outside of the storage tray.  The silver seed beads are 15's, 11's, and 10's.  An old tin which contains more needles and a few more odds and ends.  Scissors and hemostats.  Pen and pencil because notes are sometimes required.  That yellow bowl in the top right corner is my garbage bowl.  The garbage bowl gets snips of thread, gum wrappers, sticky tags, wire ends, and other small goodies.

This box is great if you move from room to room or place to place with your project.

See you next week.


  1. What a great organizational tool! And great if you need to pick up the project and move it quickly and easily to another location. I feel a trip to Target in my future...

    1. This is a box for home. I have a pencil box or 6 that I use for on-the-go projects. 1 pencil box for the stuff I use for every project: scissors, fireline, wax, needles, etc... I can then throw in the beads I am actually using at the time or I add an even smaller plastic lidded box for the beads and work in progress.

      Honestly, I sometimes think I might be a bit over organized.

  2. Replies
    1. I love storage solutions. This one was not cheap but it is going to work out well.


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