Saturday, April 27, 2013

Short, Sweet, No Pictures, 2 Links

Yes, the title says it all.

First link is to a tumblr page.  If you need color inspiration please be sure to bookmark  This is simply eye candy.

As you know, I am at training.  I am beading, but not much. I love wire weaving.  If you are at all interested you should visit Nicole Hanna's blog where she is running a Finish It contest.  This is a fantastic idea for a contest, and I am considering giving it a try.  This is an opportunity to download a partial tutorial to learn how wire weavers achieve those beautiful pieces.  Nicole has some free basic tutorials, along with others, on her Tips and Techniques page.  You might want to see what she has to offer.


  1. That really is a fantastic idea for a contest. Because Nicole's right - the possibilities are what keeps us all coming back to create.

    Hope your training is going well!

  2. Thanks for blogging about the contest! I wish I could take credit for the idea. Lauren, a visitor to my page, let me steal the idea from her for a bit to run the contest and I'm SO grateful because it's turning into a unbelievable collection of entries! Glad you decided to give it a go and try! That's what makes us better at what we do :D


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