Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning Curve

Some things take practice.

3 Strand Weave
The above was my attempt to make something for Nicole Hanna's Finish It contest which I blogged about last week.

I was successful in a 2 strand weave:
2 strand weave

I love wire weaving, but the three strand weave was beyond my current abilities.  I think part of the problem was the length.  I need to start smaller.  In addition, when I did the two strand weave I did not have 28 gauge wire so I used 26 which is just a bit bigger and stiffer and maybe just a bit more stable in my unpracticed hands.

Nonetheless, it was fun.  Now I need to find something that is more achievable.  I will keep trying. 

What are you working on that is testing your abilities?


  1. It looks like you are doing pretty good from the start. I cannot wait to see how good you get with some practice.
    I am working on spirals, which are new to me. They are ok to do but not a favorite of mine. But at least now I know how to do a few of them.

    1. Thank you. It is all wonky- and that is not in a good way. Nonetheless, all I need is practice. Spirals are useful; they are not a favorite of mine either. As I said in the post on my original wireweaving attempt, it is not nearly as difficult as the end results look. Visit Nichole's site, (links in the previous post) she has some free tutorials, and even if you cannot master the weave for this contest, the tutorial will give you an idea of how the end results are accomplished. It IS NOT intimidating.


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