Sunday, February 2, 2014


Have I ever mentioned that I think clasps play an important role in finishing your jewelry?  That a clasp can make or break a piece?  That a clasp should reflect your piece in weight, content, and style? 

I think I have failed to mention that I never have enough clasps in my stash.  I particularly do not have enough multi-strand clasps.  I do not have a single multi-strand clasp in anything other than sterling.  With all of my beads I still need more clasps.

So, I began experimenting. 

I am working on a multi-strand necklace using these links from "The Missing Link:" 

I am experimenting with making my own clasps.  Promise not to laugh?  Here is my first attempt:

Okay, not bad for someone who does not weave wire.  The thought was good, the execution needs a bit more practice.

So, my second attempt:

This one I did not even try to finish.  It was not working. The 16 gauge wire for the base was okay, but the connector loops were not the right choice.

The third attempt was better yet:

Adding the connectors as jump rings was the right solution.  Making the jump rings (furthest left) in 16 gauge was the wrong choice- 20 gauge was a better balance. 

My conclusion, the theory is good, the design is going in the right direction.  Execution needs a lot more practice. 

Practice does pay off.  Take a look at the first two links I did and the final links:

There is improvement.

I am going to keep experimenting.  I am going to think some more about design.  I will also see what I have in my stash to put together the necklace without making a clasp.  I am thinking I can use the spacer bars i bought at Beadfest to reduce the strands and use a single strand clasp.  It just might work.

Just in case your interested, the other parts of the necklace include these beads:

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.


  1. I really like the way you're going on this, and I completely agree with you on the importance of the clasp. I actually had a gallery owner tell me years ago that it didn't make any sense to work so hard to handcraft the piece and finish it off with a mass market clasp. Wise words...Can't wait to see how this works out!

    1. Thanks Bobbie. I am not sure that I have the skill set for the wire weaving to pull this off. On the other hand, if I don't actually practice and see what works and what does not I will never have the skills.

      I do know that if it does not work out for this necklace that I will keep at it until I find something that does.

      One of the best things that I ever learned was how to make a really nice toggle clasp. It is my go to clasp but it does not work for multi-strand necklaces.

  2. I've been moving into making more of my own clasps, so I will be interested to see the direction that your clasp making takes. Your links are perfect! Yes, repetition of a skill is always key.
    Thanks for your comment on my new website. My blog, Alchemy of Art, address will remain the same -

    1. Thanks Anna. I have been thinking about making my own clasps for years. I have stuck my toe in the water again and again. I might just make it this time, or at least make something a bit more complex than what I have done previously.

      Stayed tuned. I did some more practice this week when I had an unexpected day off for snow.

      And I love your blog.


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