Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

I have been making and selling jewelry for many years but I have never focused much effort on the sales part.  Which is why I am currently pondering the question: Once you have a decent product do you rush into the market and then polish your presence or do you aim for the very best presentation before going public?

Honestly I know the answer lies somewhere in between the two extremes.  I jumped into this blog with minimal (for me) research.  I checked reviews for blogger, wordpress, typepad, and a few others.  I am more than computer literate, know a bit of html, and have created a website using Dreamweaver, but I made the decision on which blog software to use mostly based on ease of use.  I picked a name, created an account, and chose a template and I was up and running.  Yesterday, when posting my first pictures, I discovered how much I don’t know.  Last night I figured out how to reset column widths on the template I chose.  Then I began thinking about how I would customize the blog further… after I learn how to take better pictures, use GIMP, etc…  There is a lot to learn.

I stumbled into selling jewelry.  Friends wanted to buy what I was making.  I have family members who sell fine silver jewelry who show my work.  Co-workers were eager to purchase my products.  My presentation has improved over the years but I know there is still room for more improvement.  Should I have waited to sell until I had a polished presentation? 

I haven’t opened an Etsy shop yet.  I need to take more photos.  I need to write some descriptions.  I need to pick a banner.  I need to figure out PayPal and how I can use it to take payments.  Those are the biggies.  When I make sales I need to figure out shipping- but wait, I need to figure out shipping charges prior to posting my jewelry so I can post the appropriate charge.  I am sure you have had this debate yourself. 

I have a to-do list to professionalize my sales.  I know the choice is not to jump in with whatever is quick and easy, likewise, I know that to wait until it is perfect is to put it off forever.  The real question is how do you know when you have reached that middle point and it is time for action?  How did you answer this question for yourself?


  1. No Idea! But I am enjoying your journey so keep us posted!

  2. I am glad you are enjoying my journey Kristen and thanks for the positive reinforcement.

  3. KJ, love your earrings ... lined up like little soldiers off to the market! One step at a time ... it seems to take forever to get started, but getting inventory is one great (and necessary) way. When I think back to how long it used to take me to put up a listing ... Geez ... no wonder I look so old!

  4. Thanks Barbara. You made me laugh with your line: "Geez... no wonder I look so old!" I understand completely.


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