Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My First Pictures

Last night Lori Anderson asked why do you follow a blog?  For the 100+ jewelry blogs I read, the first thing that came to mind was pictures.  Yet, you will notice that up until today I have posted no photos. 

I confessed my photos are more miss than hit and that I had ordered a light cube to address part of the problem. The light cube arrived yesterday.  Today I am posting my first photos. 

I have learned:
  • It takes a long time to take photos (especially when the battery in the camera dies.)
  • Nowhere is it posted what is the best size for photos to upload.
  • By reading The Pioneer Woman I learned that it is best to find a place to store your photos and then link to them in your blog. 
Now for the reveal:

By way of introduction the photos are of India Spice.  I spent 60 hours creating this piece as part of an inspiration challenge.  The hot and spicy colors are outside of my usual comfort zone.   

The picture on the left was taken in the light cube.  I like it.  There are no distractions from the jewelry itself.  The lighting is even, no deep shadows, no bright spots. 

The picture in the center is probably my favorite; it was taken outside in bright north eastern light.  I like this photo is because the colors were well captured- you can see the hot reds, oranges, and pinks as well as the cooling sage green. 

The picture on the right is from this morning; it was taken indoors with indirect eastern light.  I like this picture too.  The colors are not quite as bright as the light cube photo.  I also like the props in this photo and the center photo.

The light cube is a wonderful tool.  I don’t have to wait for the right light.  I don’t have to rush through breakfast.  I will be able to obtain consistent photos that do not distract from the jewelry itself.  I will continue to play with natural light.  I will take photos inside and out, in direct and indirect light.  I do know that I do not like deep shadows, so I will likely shy away from direct bright light. 

What is your opinion on the three photos? 


  1. I do like the light cube photo and now I have to get me one of those! Nice work! I love the necklace. Oh Picnik.com is a good photo tool too.

  2. I ordered my photocube from EBay (Lightsavings.) It was inexpensive and no shipping charge.

    I use Picassa and Gimp for editing. Gimp is one of those things I am trying to learn. Picassa is easy and quick.

    Thank you for the compliment on the necklace- it is one of my best pieces.

  3. I like the third photo but they are all good. I think I like the pink tint to it but who knows. That is impressive work. Can't wait to see more of your pieces.

  4. Thanks French Elegant Jewelry. India Spice is one of my best pieces- they are not all so complex.

  5. Hey! Email me and tell me more about finding a place to store photos and then upload them -- I'm interested in why.

    Glad to see your pretty photos!

  6. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. But seeing your pieces in person really shows the artistry and intricasy. I think you are ready to go forward and learn more along the way.


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