Sunday, April 3, 2011

If at first you don’t succeed…

keep trying.

I read this great article on studio quality photography using aluminum foil.  I immediately embraced the methodology described and placed my jewelry on aluminum foil.  Every time I laid a piece of jewelry on the foil it created a new scratch and wrinkle.  In a previous post I mentioned that a photograph shows every blemish including every scratch and wrinkle. 

I do not care for waste; replacing the aluminum foil for each photograph was not a viable long term solution.  My work-around was to purchase a silver colored tray.  This was not quite a success because it was too reflective. 

To resolve this problem I purchased a sheer piece of fabric to place on the silver tray and, thus, diffuse the reflection.  This worked well except I still had the wrinkle problem and to make matters worse the fabric I purchased is prone to scorching when ironed. 

This week I purchased a dull silver colored pizza pan at Wal-Mart for a mere $3.00.  I think this will work.  No wrinkles in the aluminum foil or fabric.  No ironing and no scorch marks.  Just the right amount of reflection, that is, the light bounces and there is a bit of reflective shine, but you cannot see the camera, my hand, or the ceiling.  I will let you know if scratches become an issue. 

I also purchased a tripod. 

To test my new photography equipment I photographed a bracelet I made this week named Colonel Mustard.  The bracelet is made of mustard colored cinnabar, woven Delica beads embellished with Czech beads and brass spacers, joined by brass wrapped loops, embellished with a mustard colored glass bell, and an antiqued brass lobster claw. 
Colonel Mustard on the pizza pan
Colonel Mustard with the candle stick

If you would like a comparison of my trials visit my flickr stream to see the of Baroque and Brass.  When I was working on Baroque and Brass I photographed the center piece on aluminum foil, when it was completed I photographed it on the shiny tray with a fabric cover, and the final photograph is on the pizza pan.


  1. I think Colonel Mustard did it with a tripod in the kitchen, right next to the pizza oven. LOL!

  2. Okay, that made me laugh. I was afraid my reference to Colonel Mustard might not be understood in the age of video games.


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