Saturday, April 23, 2011

Opportunity at Your Local Arts Council

I went to an art crawl a week ago celebrating local quilters.  I saw beautiful detailed quilts, old quilts lovingly handed down, and quilts incorporating photos transferred to fabric made from historic glass negatives. 

I found inspiration in the use of color and pattern.  I saw a quilt featuring the colors of mustard and a deep dark blue.  I have some mustard colored beads that I have already paired with ivory- blue will be next. 

Carved Mustard Cinnabar and Glass Beads with Blue Glass and Stone Beads

The local Arts Council (York County Arts Council) had a sidewalk sale in conjunction with the art crawl.  The sidewalk sale was just a few short hours in the early evening.  Even if you don’t sell anything it is an opportunity to meet people in the community interested in art.

Not being a vendor at this event, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the quilters.  It came as no surprise to learn some had a history of creativity that went back many years and touched on more than their preferred art of quilting.  It was also no surprise when one quilter mentioned she had been embroidering with beads recently.  I suggested Robin Atkins site and her e-book on bead embroidery.  Remember that anyone can represent you when your work speaks for itself. 

My local arts council has small grants available, offers classes, sponsors performance art, engages in things such as art crawls, but mostly it is just another opportunity to get out in the community and get to know the people who are interested enough in art to get out and participate.


  1. Oh wow, I got totally distracted by that awesome French Provincial color palette!

  2. I am going to write an entire post about picking colors- it is absolute torment because I just want to pick them all!

    I am, at the moment, loving that mustard shade.


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