Thursday, April 14, 2011

Which do you prefer: Design or Create?

Lori Anderson posted about 7000 Bracelets of Hope- a bracelet blog hop.  I jumped on board.  The blog hop requests a blue bracelet.  I just happened to have a bracelet ready made for the blog hop; I had an extra from the custom order I recently posted about. 
Clear and Indigo Czech Crystal and Silver Plate Bracelet

Lori then sent me a follow-up e-mail which suggested that the bracelet be of variable size, e.g. have an extender chain.   The bracelet I had would not work.  This really isn’t a problem.  I have an extra large stash of blue beads.  Even before the change of plan, I had been busy creating a new square beaded-bead, and fortunately I had used shades of blue.

My Google calendar informed me this morning that I need to post my finished bracelet on Saturday.  Since good planning is important, I need to finish the bracelet today so I can take a picture tomorrow morning and write the blog post tomorrow afternoon, and therefore, make the Saturday morning deadline.  Yes, I really do plan like that- not particularly a trait associated with creativity is it?

Which brings me around to this philosophical question:  Do you prefer to design or to create? 

I can’t really answer that question.  I love to make things.  I love to have my hands busy.  I love having a finished product that I can touch and show off.   

On the other hand, I love the design process.  I love looking at a pile of beads and envisioning the end product.  I always think I am going to make another similar item, and sometimes I do, but the second piece is not nearly as exciting as the first. 

To answer my question, I like them both.  What about you?   

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  1. Create! I'm relatively new to beading and have a hard time putting my own stuff together. But give me a good pattern and I'm a whiz!


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