Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still Too Much Left To Do

I have at least three things that I need to blog about ASAP, but you can tell from the title that time remains an issue.  First, there  there is the new camera a Canon Power Shot SX 130 IS.  That blog post will have to come later.  Second, is Isle a Beads, a great eclectic bead shop in Cleveland.  Again, that blog post will have to come later.  Third, is actual beadwork.  I have a friend who is going on a cruise in October.  She requested a "purple necklace."

Two weeks ago I bought a purple swarovski rivoli for the purple necklace.  I bezeled and embellished the rivoli.  I knew if my friend didn't like it that I would use it in another piece. I presented the focal to her and it did not suit her- she had a simple single strand necklace in mind.  Here is the focal:

This is based on a pattern by Eva Kovács, which can be found here:

My apartment is still a shambles, I have opened every box but not everything has been put away.  It took me 20 minutes to find my box of purple beads so I can work on a pretty necklace for my friend.

More posts to come. 


  1. Oh I think it is stunning! Can't wait to hear about your new camera!

  2. Thanks Kristen. I am not sure how much I am going to be able to say about the camera- I barely know how to get it to "macro." However, I am planning on posting how I made a decision.


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