Friday, September 23, 2011


I can't tell you how many hours I spend agonizing over color choices. 

Because choosing colors takes a large portion of my design time I have pick up books on color theory, follow decorating blogs and enjoy decorating magazines for more than just the lush decor, hold the Pantone color forecasts in high regard, pay attention when I walk through Target (color is how Target gets me to part with so much cash) and love blogs that feature color palettes.

In my RSS feed I have a subcategory titled: Color.  Topping the list is Beverly Ash Gilbert.  One of my favorite references is Margie Deeb's The Beader's Guide to Color.  Which is why I was delighted when Beverly Ash Gilbert announced that she and Margie Deeb have teamed up and published a color journal.  Waste no time in visiting Beverly's blog to download their first journal: Ask the Color Queens


  1. I'm horrible with color! Can't wait to see this thanks JK!

  2. I am not horrible with color just indecisive.


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