Sunday, April 15, 2012


This post is not going to be about beads.  I am still working on the beaded beads and I just did not want to post again about 8 mm silver beaded beads.  This post is about decorating- I am guessing that if you like to make jewelry you also like to decorate, or at least I do.  This post is about decorating choices and color. 

I am working on replacing my bedding.  More than a decade ago I put together my present bed.  I made quilts and shams after watching the PBS series Quilt In A Day.   I picked up a really nice wool blanket at a discount store.  I needed fillers so I picked up floral shams for cheap bed pillows.  As you can see from the picture below it is colorful, cozy, and layered.  The afghan was crocheted by my grandmother and the solid green quilt I picked up very cheaply this past autumn at a big box store.

This look is dated and the pillows much too big.

I am never going to give up the afghan my grandmother made, but this one may not stay on the bed. 

I need some large pillows because I like to sit in bed and read.

I want my new bed to have fewer pillows, but still a larger pillow or two to prop behind my back so I can read in bed.  I want a few quilts + my wool blanket for that layered look which bespeaks comfort and luxury. 

My plan has been to work with the wool blanket I have; I absolutely love it.  I have been trying to find a new quilt to match the wool blanket and solid green quilt I currently own.  I began with a bright white, but it was too bright.  I brought home a steel blue quilt but it was just too cold and not quite what I had in mind.  This morning I decided I could make my choices easier, and cheaper, if I just replaced the wool blanket. 

I have looked at a few internet discount providers, as well as other respected vendors such as LL Bean, The Company Store, Faribault Mill, and Pendleton.  I am going to splurge on a Pendleton blanket.  I expect this blanket to last me a lifetime.  I am going to choose a solid color.  I now have to decide between the gray, which is a great neutral, or white, also a great neutral but harder to keep looking clean.  There is no ivory.  Tempted as I am by the colors I want to be able to switch my cheaper choices in the future. 

So, today, in addition to making a beaded bead or two, I am going to do one of my least favorite things and go shopping.  Then, I can decide between the white and the gray wool blanket.

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