Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yes, oops. 

As it turns out I am not going to be using my beaded beads as part of the turquoise slab necklace.  The beaded beads looked fine laid out on the bead board end to end.  As part of my design I planned to join my beaded beads with wired turquoise and coral.  When I put the pieces together on my bead board it became apparent that the beaded beads were not proportionate to the other parts of the necklace. 

Here is the original plan on the bead board
Another view of the original layout plan

However, I really did love the wired turquoise, coral, and seed beads.  They tied together the other two strands.  The wired beads were a great size and added just a bit more of silver color without being over-whelming.  The design changed once again.  It is a process.

Below are some photos of the final strands.  Next step is to bezel the turquoise slab.

The strands laid out on the bead board

A view without the distractions
Closeup of the strands
Even closer look at the strands


  1. Hello,Hello:-))
    I've been observing this necklace's development from the beginning.All the setting and the beads used,as well as colors'sinchronicity have attracted my attention.It is going to be the very interesting piece.In my opinion,turquoise seems to be associated with Summer,as an attribute of light and colorful clothes,the sun in a full swing and evening parties at the beach:-) I love the colors of this necklace.I think,it's going to be the 'hit of the season'
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  2. Thanks Halinka. The colors and stone choices are all traditional south western native American: silver, turquoise, and red coral. My other idea for one of the other turquoise slabs is gold and pearl a traditional pairing found in Art Deco or Art Nouveau. BUT, my next project is going to be simple and fast. Probably something using some of those beaded beads I now have in my stash.

  3. Oh, you made the right choice -- the balance looks much better this way. Getting so excited to see the final result!

  4. Thanks Bobbie. I thought the beaded beads were perfect until I put the wired links in. It is all trial and error.


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