Sunday, April 22, 2012

Insight and Small Change

I know I have posted more than once about my limited time and it remains true, so I won't whine again.  I know you all face the same issue.  I am not sure if I have admitted how much I love to read.  It is probably obvious from the list of jewelry blogs I follow.  I also follow political blogs, food blogs, and decorating blogs but not in such great numbers.  When I say I love to read what I really mean is that I love to read science fiction and fantasy.  I also love to bead.  I have been making beaded jewelry for decades so it is not a passing fancy.  However, given all of the above it is unlikely that I am going to be heavy into marketing anytime soon.  Thus, there has been a change in the subtitle of this blog from Adventures in marketing hand made jewelry to Adventures in hand made jewelry. 

I have also decided that my next project is going to be small. 

For those of you using blogger it seems there was a default change to require users to go through Captcha- those squiggly words that you have to type in before you can make a comment.  Turns out mine was set to yes.  I changed it to No.  In blogger go to Settings>Posts and Comments and under Comments change Show Word Verification to No.  If you ever find that annoying word verification please let me know.

I set my comments up with no moderation and I allow anonymous posts.  I even have a comment asking anonymous posters to sign their name so I will know how to address them.  I have not had a problem.  I am a firm believer if you expect the best of people they will live up to your expectations and vice versa. 

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time following the Wrapped, Stacked and Layered blog hop.  What a great idea.  The hop was hosted by Tracey Statler of Make Bracelets Blog.  Hop over to her blog and follow the links for great inspiration. I did not participate, but because I am still working on beaded beads I thought I would share 4 very simple, inexpensive, and easy bracelets that I made two summers ago and have kept for myself.  The bracelets are made from inexpensive glass beads bought in a bag from Michaels, some metallic toned plastic beads, and are simply knotted on elastic cord.  These stacked and layered bracelets are fun and easy to wear.

Stacked and layered bracelets for spring


  1. Hello,hello:-))
    I also like to read,but concerning Blogger,as I'm seriously in love with beading-mostly I like to see the new events in photos and give my comment upon,than read about them.
    For the deeper knowledge about the stitches,or other technique tricks-I have got my still growing collection of books about beading,where the Masters write about the beading curves.
    There are lots of such strange blogs on Blogger,where people write about beading,pouring out their sometimes really great knowledge about the all beading techniques,even advise-how to make and what to make,but they do not show what THEY make even once.
    To tell the truth:I've decided to observe Your Blog,because watching it back-it's very interesting.Fine photos of the nice work and short,condensed descriptions of the following stages of work.I liked it.Now,when I see the text only,I omit it and go looking for the other blogs.You may say-it shouldn't be like that.I should read,what others/You/want to say,what Your feelings are,because the blog should be not only report from the beadwork.
    Possibly...but I bet,lots of beaders do exactly the same.
    Fine,You do not have the word verification code now.My blog is also free from that.
    And-the bracelets are really fine.Just fine.
    Warm Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

  2. Hello Halinka,

    I am glad to have you reading my blog. I follow blogs from other countries and I must admit I do not always read what those bloggers have to say. I also follow English language blogs and read some and skim others. I think blogs are helped by both words and pictures.

    I know you are not alone in skipping over text only posts. It does not hurt my feelings.

    I will say that not all beading lessons are about beads or even art. I do sell my jewelry and I would like to learn how to do that better. I struggle over color and photographing techniques. I want better displays. I like to learn about new materials. I want to know what is trending but I prefer what is classic. I also want a well designed blog.

    I wrote about the word verification because I don't like them; I meant that to be a hint to others to check their blogs to make commenting easier.

    Thank you for commenting and I hope you keep coming back. I will post pictures and you can skip what does not meet your needs and I will be glad for your visits.

  3. Hi again:
    You bet-I'll be coming back:-))
    All in all-I like Your Blog.After all,it is on the list of my favorities.
    If I may advise concerning photos:
    They are pretty good,but because Your blog is on the white background,like mine,so:
    1.Try to give a little more light to Your photos.
    2.Allow the objects to'live' freely-I mean: no frames,no dark backgrounds,no divided photos into parts and squized thightly,like the last one-they are hard to read.
    3.The simplicity of the blog's graphic is received by readers best and that-You luckily have it here-this is really nice.
    4.In photos-always remember,that the object is the most important,not the additions,like flowers,or other decorations,though they can also add the special 'taste' to the whole setting.
    5.Use sometimes'macro'lenses to show the best parts and details of Your work.
    6.No agressively contrasted colors-use the Photo Shop-it's really miraculous,but not in the 'automatic' mood.
    7.Show sometimes,how the jewels look like on You.
    8.Use the clear table,or a plate to show the light reflexes around ,or even under the object.

    I do hope,those hints can be helpful a little.

    Thank You for the response.
    I've read it with pleasure.
    Best Greetings-Halinka-
    /sorry,about the possible mistakes somewhere-English is not my native language-I am the Pole living in Sweden/

  4. yhmmm...One more important point:
    I've almost forgotten-do not allow too much light to get going across the object.Beadwoven jewels do not look nice,when they are 'x-rayed'.Optically the crystals become out of color,seed beads make the impression of being 'thinner and not equal' and the object seems to be more thready,than it is in reality-all the work,even the best looses a lot in such circumstances.
    It all comes from my own experience:-)

  5. Halinka,

    Thank you for the tips. Your English is fine and certainly better than I could do if I were similarly situated.

    I do not have photoshop and I have a point and shoot camera with a macro option, not a macro lens.

    I do agree that less is more. Simplicity does make the work stand out.

    Light level is something I struggle with. I have a light tent but prefer to take pictures under the window. Blocking the view out the window is why I sometimes end up with props.

    It is a learning process and every little bit I learn helps.


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