Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eating My Words

I said: The reorientation is the only untried part of this bracelet.

I should have known better.  I have spent many hours this morning working on a rectangular beaded bead just like the reduction bead I used for the Turquoise Slab Necklace.  All to no avail.

RAW Not Working

That beaded bead has a right angle weave (RAW) base.  I just cannot get my 10/0 Delicas to work.  I think I need regular seed beads. 

This is my third attempt! Nothing was aligned.  The sides were not straight.

Failed plans, a different approach
I wanted a rectangular layered beaded bead to place next to the bezeled cinnabar bead.  I went back to my favorite stitch- Peyote.

This isn't quite right either.  I want to see more of the red showing through the gold.  The picture does not show that the ends are curled under.

I actually thought about a quick trip to the craft store to buy a square wooden base.  But, that is not the solution I am looking for.


The curled ends did inspire me.  Expect something layered and rounded.

Maybe the many hours referenced above is a bit of an exaggeration.  It has, however, been hours.  Does everyone else go through this or is it just me?

While I was working this morning I did snap some pictures of my bead table and work space.  Since I am fascinated with where everyone else works, I thought I would share.
Bead table- my actual work space, minus the dirty napkin.  I watch shows on my computer as I work on my jewelry.

Bento box tray for the current project
Bead table and work space the overall view
Seed beads
Large colored beads, wire, findings and unsorted seed beads
More large colored beads, a box of perals, and a box of small swarovski crystals
Project boxes


  1. Hi KJ,
    Interesting beaded bead I hope you can get it to work for you. I like the red and gold beaded bead very pretty. You are very organized I could take a lesson from you, my space is a disaster.

    1. It is only a bit neater than usual. I had a family visit last week and the whole house is neater than usual- I put away all those things that had an out of the way resting place.

  2. Oh my, what a heaven of beads, beads and more beautiful beads ! Your work room and your organization is amazing. Right now my work room looks like a small bomb exploded in it - or a hurricane blew through. I still find myself searching for better ways to store my supplies and to organize things. What I really need is a room that's at least twice as large as the tiny bedroom that I'm using. :D

    KJ, I really love the look of the rich gold against the Chinese Red, it is a regal look. Yes I quite understand the frustration you're going through with the rectangular bead. I think we all have had wonderful ideas that gave us one big headache when we tried to create it. I can't wait to see what alternative you've come up with as I know it will be gorgeous. :)

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am loving the red and gold and it fits the cinnabar.

      As for organizing- I actually enjoy the task. I hate not being able to find things. I have tried many different ways of storing and sorting beads over the years. I have tried divided containers- they are pretty and should work but they are impossible to get beads out of and tend to suffer from spill overs. I LOVED my spice racks. However, because the bottles were glass they were heavy as well as bulky. The new plastic containers for the seed beads are pretty good. The plastic boxes have little zip lock baggies separating all the beads. This works out OK but not quite as visually accessible as I would like. I will say that like sized containers really helps.


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