Sunday, August 5, 2012


The bracelet I am currently working on is not a big project.  The elements are weaves and connections that I have done previously.  I had planned finishing the bracelet this weekend or next weekend.  Of course when you make plans the universe laughs; at least this time it is with joy and anticipation.

The job that I want in the location I want has just posted and I have to get my application in today.  I have family visiting next weekend.  My beading time is what is available to cut to finish the application and get my home sparkling clean and well organized.

I have made some progress.  Here are some pictures.
Bezzeled Cinnabar Solo Top View
Bezzeled Cinnabar Propped Side
Bezzeled Cinnabar Top View with Secondary Beads
I am absolutely loving the gold and red.

I have not clipped the threads on the bezel yet because I am not sure if I am going to get rid of the last row of 15/0.  They overlap a bit further than I would like onto the top carving.

I am going to orient the cinnabar with the narrow side to fingertips and elbow, wide side to the left and right of the wrist.  The hole in the cinnabar runs through the narrow sides, that is, it is oriented wrong for the bracelet design.  I need to run the thread back through the side beads and through the drilled hole to firmly anchor the bezel.  The reorientation is the only untried part of this bracelet.

See you in two weeks.


  1. Love how the bracelet's looking, and GOOD LUCK on the job application!!

  2. Thanks Bobbie for the compliment and the good luck wishes.

  3. First of all, best of luck on getting the job. I hope they will be blown-away by your application and feel they just "have to have you". :)

    The gold against that cinnabar red is truly regal. Looks like something you'd see in a piece of jewelry designed for a Chinese Empress.

    I've always wished they'd offer large focal beads with optional drilling directions. It's obvious that they thought most people would use the oblong bead as a pendant (either in earrings or a necklace) but there are those who wish to position it differently - even in a necklace it would be lovely strung through lengthwise. I wonder how hard these cinnabar beads are and if they could be easily drilled? Seems to me I read that they are made from layering lacquer, though some could be made from a resin. True cinnabar is not used now-a-days as it is highly toxic due to its natural mercury/lead content ... found that out years ago on Fire Mountain Gems website. :)

  4. PS - Thank you for your lovely thoughts and good wishes - I sincerely appreciate them. :)


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