Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Project

I don't know about you but the hardest part of each project for me is picking out colors.

Last week a friend of mine did a blog post about mood boards and I commented that I do not create mood boards or design boards.  Instead, I go through my beads and pull out what I think is appropriate for the project that I have in mind.

My next project is going to utilize a long cinnabar bead as the focal for a bracelet.  It will also include 24 kt gold iris Delicas.  Those are the only certain choices.

Here are all the starting choices:
Big mood board for cinnabar bracelet project

As I stated the only choice is the cinnabar and the gold iris Delicas.  Then, I need to make a choice between two secondary beads.  Here is the first option:
Secondary Bead with Delicas Cinnabar Mood Board Choice 1
I really like this option.  I like the gold foil in these beads, I like the visual texture, and I like the size.  This is likely to be my choice.

There is, however, a second option:
Secondary Bead with Delicas Cinnabar Mood Board Choice 2
It is difficult to tell from this picture, but these beads are mostly clear with clouds of gold dust and white swirled throughout.  The gold in these beads are a bit more visually delicate and will likely be a nice balance against the rest of the bracelet.

Both choices are viable.  I will make up my mind when I am ready to add them to the bracelet.

Planning ahead, I may be in need of a tertiary bead to round out the bracelet.  Here are my choices:
Tertiary Beads Cinnabar Mood Board

In this set of choices, I like the jade barrels, they pick up on the mood of the cinnabar focal but I don't think the color is going to be quite right.  The crystals are nice, but I think are a bit to yellow.  Finally, I am leaning toward to dark bronze beads.  Again, all options remain viable and I will make a choice if it becomes necessary.

Of course, there are going to be additional seed beads.  The gold iris beads are in the center of the picture below:
Delicas Cinnabar Mood Board
This is going to be a more limited choice.  The gold iris beads are a size 10.  I need to make two more choices, an 11/0 and a 15/0.

Finally, I do not have all that I need for the finished piece.  I need a gold tone clasp and some chain.  I need the chain because I want this bracelet to be adjustable in length.  *sigh*  You would think with all the beady stuff I own a trip to the bead store would be unnecessary.


  1. I feel your pain - I never have exactly what I need despite a huge stash. I have terrible trouble with colors. In fact, one of the things I love about about seed beading is being able to find patterns with the color choices already made!

  2. Thanks Lois. I keep thinking I have enough beads- but then I find more that I just can't live without.

    The problem with picking colors is that I start with one color, find a color to match, then the next choice blows away the first choice because of size, finish, or something else and I have to move on from there.

  3. I love the palette you're leaning towards, and it's always nice to have options or alternatives to play around with.
    Oh yes, seems there is always something that we require but don't have on hand in, what appears to be, a small bead shop of beads, findings and components. :D


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