Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Blog Links

H-K links have been added to the Blog Links page. 

There are many already on the list that I would say are my favorites.  Today I added two that you shouldn't miss:  Joslin Jewels always inspires me to want to take up wire work. Irina Slobodyanik may be the only Russian link I have, and she doesn't post very often, but don't miss the opportunity to visit her site to see some stunning beadwork.

LOL Let me repeat, there are many that are my favorites.  I visit many blogs, follow many links, and they all inspire me which is why I subscribe via RSS; if the blog is in the list, it is special and you should visit. 


  1. Oh Kathy they are awesome links! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  2. Yeah more linkies! I love the Russian bead work, totally incredible. Thanks for putting so much time into this!

  3. I am happy to share the links. Plus it gives me something to update my blog with while I have no camera and no ability to create since I am still in the midst of unpacking.


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