Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was delighted when Lynsey, of Musings of the Unicorn, gave me a Kreative Blogger Award.

I thanked her in comments for her generosity and then told her it would give me something to blog about today. Then I began to think about the fact that as a recipient I need to name 10 other deserving bloggers- how the heck can I do that when I subscribe to hundreds of blogs? I decided what I would do is try to pass along an artful link to a blogger with less than 100 followers or to a blogger that you might find helpful that is not likely to popup on your radar. 

The rules of this award are as follows:
When you receive this award, there are a few rules:
1. Post a link to the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know

7 well thought out random things about myself:
1.  I read.  Now I don't just mean I have that skill, instead I mean that I am a passionate reader.  I think I would read to the exclusion of just about everything else if given the opportunity.  The books I read for pleasure are Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Need a good book? just ask.

2. I read political blogs.  I am an avid follower of politics.  I also know that when talking politics the person on the other side of the conversation has to be willing to engage, articulate, and able to put politics aside in order to keep the peace.

3. I am well educated.  I have three college degrees, none of which involve art.

4. I love to eat good food so I cook.  I follow food blogs.  I shop farmer's markets and small local shops when possible.

5. I love Native American art.  This is how my love of beaded jewelry began.  This is also why I know how to spin wool.  One of my long term goals is to make a Navajo style rug beginning with spinning the wool, using natural dyes, and building the loom which is a necessary step for this type of weaving.

6. In my professional life I tend toward positions that are in the public interest.

7. I dream, and here we are talking REM Sleep, vividly.  My dreams are extraordinary.  I sometimes share my dreams and people seem shocked at the breadth of my dreams and the details which are so far from their own experiences. 

Ten Blogs you should look at:
1) Olive Blogs.  I had intended to limit myself to blogs with less than 100 followers, but then I would not have been able to mention Olive to you.  Cat, who writes Olive Blogs was my first follower, just because I happened to mention to her that I had just started a blog.   That, however, is not the reason why I am mentioning her.  I list this blog because it is a pleasure to read, it makes me laugh often, and I get really good business advice from her.

2) Nicole Hanna Jewelry.  Nicole has not been an active blogger of late, but I am listing her anyway.  Nicole is another blogger who almost always makes me laugh, or at least smile. She also does fine wire work and writes great tutorials.  Maybe some day I will take up wire work for more than wrapped loops and simple clasps.

3) Another Country Beadworks.  I have given special mention to this blog before.  Morwyn has a great eye for design.  She also works with seed beads so what is not to love?  In addition, she recently gave up on her Etsy shop so be sure to put her blog into your reader so you do not miss her new creations.

4) Bizuteria by Dominikana.  More wirework to inspire you to something new. 

5) Pérégrinations de perles. This is not an English blog.  If you like seeing the process of how a piece is made add this blog to your reader.

6) Torque Story.  This blog has one of my favorite features: I Might Make that Monday.  How many of you do not have a long list of things you might someday get around to making?  This is a wonderful read.

7) Luann Udell.  I know Luann has more than 100 followers.  I also bet she is not in your list of blogs.  She is a great writer and pushes you to see yourself.  Plus she makes these really fabulous beads. 

8) Gabriella Gyongyblogja.  Another non-English blog, another creative beader.  Gabriella is worth keeping an eye on.

9) Créations laure : Bijoux fantaisie.  Laure does not have a list of followers.  I am pretty sure it is beyond my 100 count limit.  I am also pretty sure that many of my regular readers have not discovered her.  Laure writes complex multi-part free tutorials for seed bead weavers.  She is creative and generous.

10) Must Haves Jewelry.  Linda works with PMC, silver, and gemstones.  Not anything I do but certainly inspirational. 

Okay, that was hard.  To all you bloggers out there that I love and read regularly you were not forgotten just not quite within the lines I set for myself. 

One more link.  One of my decorating blogs had a great link to this artist:
Andrea Posada
Take a look at this beautiful work and be inspired.


  1. Oh my goodness--I was reading along, checking out the blog links and enjoying myself, then I see I am No. 6 on your list! What an honor! Thank you so much, not just for naming me but sharing these great blogs so that others can discover them.

    1. You are so very welcome. I truly love your I Might Make That Monday feature. It was very hard to come up with the list, there were too many to include, and I feel regret for those I did not name who I would have loved to have shared. Hopefully, this is another opportunity to check out my second tab which lists all the blogs in my RSS Feed.

  2. What a great list! I look forward to checking them all out!

    And I enjoyed learning a bit more about you! I too am an avid reader - it's my primary 'self-reward' for getting stuff done. I bargain with myself - "if you do such and such, then I'll let you start reading...". It's always a dangerous bargain because once I start reading, I think the apocalypse could come and I wouldn't notice until they ripped my book away. :)

    1. I cut off my cable tv a few weeks ago because I was not watching. Haven't missed it at all. I have gotten a lot of reading done.

  3. Thanks for a great award! I follow a few of the blogs you've listed...excellent picks, and I'm glad to be among them! Gives me a bit of motivation to blog more often now that life has calmed down a bit. And, like you, this gives me something to blog about today! lol

    1. I read your blog post and 24 hours later I am still smiling.

  4. Thanks for the award Kathy- I loved reading more about you! I love scifi and fantasy, too- if you have any good series recommends I would love it - I love a good series. 3 degrees - I knew you were genius, but how does that happen?!

    I love that you dream vividly - I wish I could remember more of mine. Last night I dreamed that I was in a locker room and there were beings from other planets and the lockers had space uniforms in them and they said we would all know our home planets by the uniforms and I thought "Oh no, I don't remember my home planet" and then I saw this white and gold uniform and knew it was mine and started crying because I was so happy that I could go home and I woke up crying - hubs thinks this means the aliens are about to take me home ... which might not be a bad thing ....

    1. You are more than welcome for the award Cat.

      3 degrees? I am in mid-life and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I really like to learn things and learn them well. School was convenient.

      As for series:
      Lois Bujold McMaster's Vor series- you will enjoy this one, it will make you laugh.
      Sherwood Smith and Dave Towbridge's Exordium Series which I think is the best space opera ever.
      Sherwood Smith's Inda series was a great fantasy.
      Patrick Rothfuss deserves the praise he has gotten for his fantasy series that began with The Name of the Wind, but the final book is not in print yet.
      OMG, I almost forgot Julian May's Saga of the Pliocene Exile, this series was not only wonderful but surprising.
      Julie Czerneda is new, but I have been snapping up all of her works as she publishes.
      One of those degrees included a major in Anthropology which is why I loved Kate Elliott's Jaran. Never have I read a book with such a finely developed culture as its base.

      Okay, I will stop, but I could go on and on and on.

      I think I would be upset if the aliens took you home I would miss your blog posts.


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