Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something Quick and a Shopping Tip

Somewhere in the midst of creating the Turquoise Slab Necklace I said I was going to make something simple, or was that fast?

You may recall these earrings made from test beaded beads somewhere in the process of the Turquoise Slab Necklace.

I really liked these.  Thus, I am repeating the design with left over beaded beads and additional Lucite flowers.
Pink Lucite and Silver Beaded Bead Earrings
Another view Pink Lucite and Silver Beaded Bead Earrings
Top View Pink Lucite and Silver Beaded Bead Earrings
Side by Side Beaded Bead and Lucite Earrings

Shopping Tip:  I am out of Fireline.  I use 6 lb Fireline for my bead weaving.  I never buy Fireline at a bead shop, it is too pricey.  I have been buying Fireline at K-Mart where you can get 150 yds for about $17.00.  (It is with the fishing gear)  Yesterday K-Mart did not have what I wanted.  This morning, I  ordered 300 yds of Fireline on Amazon for about $24.00 + shipping. 


  1. These are sweet, beaded beads are so versatile aren't they? I've got lots of designs in mind incorporating beaded beads

    1. They are versatile. I just love this particular application. I also thought they would nicely set-off a focal in a bracelet. Of course I also love bracelets that are composed entirely of beaded beads.

  2. They're adorable. The one with the black flower topper reminds me of a fancy little acorn.

    I bought some fireline from a shop on Amazon about a year ago and got that same fantastic deal, but have not been able to relocate that particular shop. :( 300 yards of 6lb fireline is almost a steal. :)

    1. Amazon was the seller not just the shipper. I was tempted to buy the even bigger spool but that was just the issue the spool was big and I want to be able to travel with my beads.

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